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Tampa Property Management Tip #10 - Rules and Procedures to Keep a Tenant's Security Deposit

When a tenant moves out, a landlord must complete an inspection of the property before refunding or keeping a security deposit. Legally, you must have proof of any damages that occurred if you wish to charge the tenant. The vast majority of private landlords keep no proof and send no notice to the tenant. They simply just tell them over the phone the deposit will not be given back. This is illegal in Florida and probably in all states.

Property Management Tampa Tip #2: 6 Steps to Get a Vacant Rental Ready and Avoid Huge Vacancy Losses

1) Clean the rental from top to bottom. A Tampa property management company must ensure each rental looks sparkling clean especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Women typically decide to rent a place or not based on cleanliness and these areas are extremely important to them. Make sure the stove pans are new, there is no grime inside the cabinets, and the inside of the refrigerator is spotless. You are trying to make a strong first impression.

Preliminary Questions to Ask a Potential Renter

A good renter does not come easily; you have to filter them out from the pool of prospective renters who are interested in your property. You may ask these prospective renters some preliminary questions up front before you go to the length such as running a credit check, et cetera.

Points to Consider in Purchasing a Real Estate Property

Tackling specifically the town of Fethiye, this place is sitting in the slopes Mendos Mountain that boasts a warm climate, naturally beautiful scenery, and folks that are warm and nice. These features make the town a popular site for tourist to relax and unwind.

Points to Consider in Posing Suitable Rates to Your Property

One of the most commonly abused areas in renting out properties is the rate. Landlords sometimes bid too high for a property that’s not worth the price. In order to get an idea of how much you should rent your property out for, there are several places you can compare your property with.

Points to Consider in Buying a Property

Buying a property is like choosing a wife. You have to get to know the property to its deepest structure if you can, or else, you might end up labeling your property acquisition as the worse decision ever made in your life, pretty much like how you’ll end up going to the court and filing a divorce against your wife who you married after 3 weeks of dating. I mean seriously, a property has more things up its sleeve that’s beyond how it looks like. If the price is too good to be true, then you know you its time to pull off that fedora hat and start investigating.

Plumbing Issue is Serious Business

A leaking faucet or clogged toilet doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem at first, but trust me, you can’t be so sure about that. If a plumbing problem is left unattended and it gets out of hand, it’s just as bad as having your entire building on fire.

Must Know About Property Management

Property management is serious business. Having to look after the tenants, finances, damages and what not, can be arduous, and sometimes, irritating, especially when you’re not specializing the field, or don’t have a background on it. Property manager handles virtually all of the rental business’ activities, and the entire community or chain in general. They make sure everything’s working fine, and that everybody’s happy and paying their dues. It sounds simple, but it really isn’t quite that simple.

Make Your Tenants Renew Their Lease

When a good tenant moves out of your property, this could mean a hassle of some sort. You will have to get your unit ready for the next tenant, as well as pay the mortgage of the unit even if the unit goes unoccupied for sometime.

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