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7 Warning Signs to Avoid the Worst Type of Tenants in Property Management

Tenants do not suddenly become “tenants from hell” to a property management company. There is a pattern of behavior over their entire adult life that will show up in a thorough background check. A Tampa Property Management company just has to be able to identify the signs of a potential “dead-beat tenant” and disqualify their application. Having the skill to recognize this type of tenant is perhaps one of the most important a property manager will ever develop.

Property Management Tampa Tip#19 – How to File An Eviction

There comes a time in Tampa property management when enough is enough, and you have to file an eviction on a tenant. The tenant might owe you 1 or 2 months worth of rent. You have called repeatedly, given a 3 day notice, and even talked to them in person on several occasions. Sometimes, a tenant is simply unable or unwilling to pay no matter what they promise or tell you. It is important to not let this tug of war stretch on for months.

Property Management Tampa Tip #2: 6 Steps to Get a Vacant Rental Ready and Avoid Huge Vacancy Losses

1) Clean the rental from top to bottom. A Tampa property management company must ensure each rental looks sparkling clean especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Women typically decide to rent a place or not based on cleanliness and these areas are extremely important to them. Make sure the stove pans are new, there is no grime inside the cabinets, and the inside of the refrigerator is spotless. You are trying to make a strong first impression.

Why A Tenant Walk-Through Sheet Saves Your Tampa Property Management Company A Ton of Aggravation

You can buy these Walk-Through Checklists online or through companies that service the Tampa property management industry. This particular checklist gives tenants peace of mind when they move into your rental property. If there are scratches on the kitchen countertop or chipped linoleum in the bathroom, the tenant can write this down on the checklist. Therefore when they move-out, they know they will not be charged for those items.

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