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Importance of Tenant Contact Program in Commercial Property Management

As a commercial property manager, visibility to your tenants is important. The more they see you, the more you are to establish a bond with them, and with this bond comes with more trust. In case of maintenance issues, they are also likely to contact and cooperate with you as you successfully penetrate into their comfort zone.

Make your Tenants Pay Monthly Bills On Time

Collecting tenant fees could be daunting, much like a game of hide and seek, where you're always the one who has to seek. There are cases where your tenants tell you to be at their property at a particular time but then, they're not there when you get there. And then they give out a handful of excuses and promises to pay their rent another day.

What it Takes to be an Amiable Landlord

It doesn't matter whether you've just decided to jump into investing into real-estate or you've been here for years. It is important for you as landlord to maintain an amiable attitude who tenants would feel like paying.

Your Property’s Condition Before Showing it to Tenants

Renting a property to tenants is not as easy as it sounds. In order to significantly save time and effort in giving an overview of your property, as well as to make sure you’re only going to deal with interested buyers when you meet them first hand, a website with a video tour will be a very good strategy for you.

Why Does It Have to Be Online Property Management Software?

Let’s face it, nobody likes paper works – not you, not your boss, not your parents, literally nobody. Nothing ruins a day more than those annoying pile of papers which you can’t almost get yourself to touch without feeling the weight of the entire universe on your shoulders.

Why Do You Need a Management Company?

If you own a wide array of residential properties and you can’t attend to them all, there are companies that specialize in residential property service. These companies are experts in managing any kind of residential property, be it several separate units or apartment complexes, and they operate under management companies.

Points to Consider in Posing Suitable Rates to Your Property

One of the most commonly abused areas in renting out properties is the rate. Landlords sometimes bid too high for a property that’s not worth the price. In order to get an idea of how much you should rent your property out for, there are several places you can compare your property with.

Points to Consider in Buying a Property

Buying a property is like choosing a wife. You have to get to know the property to its deepest structure if you can, or else, you might end up labeling your property acquisition as the worse decision ever made in your life, pretty much like how you’ll end up going to the court and filing a divorce against your wife who you married after 3 weeks of dating. I mean seriously, a property has more things up its sleeve that’s beyond how it looks like. If the price is too good to be true, then you know you its time to pull off that fedora hat and start investigating.

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