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Plumbing Issue is Serious Business

A leaking faucet or clogged toilet doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem at first, but trust me, you can’t be so sure about that. If a plumbing problem is left unattended and it gets out of hand, it’s just as bad as having your entire building on fire.

The Ultimate Principle towards a Harmonious Property Management

As a landlord, you’re probably aware of the role of property management as the ultimate discipline that governs real-estate businesses towards a healthy and profitable partnership with tenants. You have a reputation to maintain and it is important that you attend to your tenants should they have any concern. However, no man is an island.

How to Set Rental Fees on a New Property

The mode of rental for each unit of a new building is important to make sure the operation of the entire building is not going to flop financially in the long run. Whether you’re going to go for net or gross rental, it is important to calculate everything properly. Rent strategies are important to ensure that you get your intended returns. You have to determine rent rates first before you ever get into a negotiation with any lessee.

Don't Ignore Hispanic Renters

I get it, it’s hard to talk to someone who doesn’t speak English. But with the growing number of Spanish-speaking people in the United States, it is getting harder and harder to avoid these people. Spanish is the second most spoken first language in the world so instead avoiding Hispanic renters, you might as well try to adapt. Come to think of how much rent this demographic will be paying over the coming years.

Dump Costly Invoices, Text Messages Are Free

Let’s face it, the world’s modern now. Sending invoices is not anymore as practical as they were before. Can you imagine the hassle of sparing one day every month just to type out invoices, print them, put them into individual envelopes and drive down to the post office to have the them sent out to your nearly a hundred tenants? What a painstaking job indeed.

Preparation Prior to Acquiring a Property

Eventually, we all have to find a place for our own. Be it the start of us being independent, or even if we just want a new life over after a break up or anything of that sort. Looking for a new place to call home can be a bit of a challenge, and we know we can't afford to lose because the stakes are high. So what are the things you have to remember prior to acquiring a property, all in the name of saving time, money and effort?

Identify Damage from Wear and Tear

When a new tenant occupies a certain unit of residency, the landlord automatically collects security deposit fund. This is where repair costs will be subtracted in case the tenant damages something in the property. However, landlords sometimes find it difficulty to identify damage from a simple wear and tear. This could lead to disputes between the two parties that could end up in court. If the landlord is proven to be wrongly charging the tenant, he is obliged to return the money. In addition, the court sometimes grants a monetary incentive to a tenant who wins a case pertaining to this kind of matter.

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