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Go Paperless Using Automated Work Order Software

The massive pile of work orders that has to be approved seem to always ruin the day. In fact, the thought of it alone is already exhausting. If there comes a tenant dispute, you will have to write a work order, submit it to a staff, and then you have to wait some more for it to be approved by a higher-up. This process is adding to the injury, and much to the distress and anxiety of the tenants.

How about eliminating this manual hassle? Using Automated Work Order software, what was manually processed can be done with a few clicks. But how exactly does an automated work order software works?

A work order has to be entered to the company's network and there are two ways to do this. Either the company gives tenants their individual log in and password into the company's system, or the company assigns a staff to collect the work order and do the entry. The first one is normally risky on the part of the company so the second is always the best option. The software will then redirect the WO to a number of computers or to the central system where all of them are tackled. Like sending an email, you can direct the WO to a specific person as well, and perhaps add some notes. The receiver will then be notified via email or by logging to their account.

Moreover, WOs can be tracked, traced and updated in real time to the benefit of both parties. It also has archiving features in case of tenant dispute. This will save time and effort, as well as man power in case of instances that need prompt results.

To get the best out of the automation process, make sure your work order tracking software is interoperable with your tenant management system.

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