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Homeowners Association and Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day came to be as a holiday in honor of a certain Saint Valentine who is thought to be the person to give the first love letter. He gave it to a jailer’s daughter who he cured from what everyone at the time thought was an incurable eye disease. True or not, he has influenced the lives of many people, and Saint Valentine’s birthday came to be the holiday dedicated specifically to people from all walks of life who love.

Now let’s hook up Valentine’s Day with your homeowner association. Does this day actually impose importance to your community? Without hesitation, the answer is yes. Homeowner associations alleviate the tension within the neighborhood by making it a harmonious and beautiful place for people to live in. Valentine’s Day is one of the perfect opportunities for associations to demonstrate their ability to bond people together in the name of love. You can organize fun activities such as friendly games and races that will strengthen the ties of people in the neighborhood, as well make it a break for people to get to know each other and let new people get themselves around the atmosphere of the new place they’d call home.

If you ever become an officer of a homeowner association, you have to be genuinely concerned about the community, without negative scheming and other connivance of the kind. Being a person of rank can be tough, and sometimes, you don’t get thanked for all your hard work. However, as a sincere person serving the public, even if your people seem to have forgotten you, they’ll definitely recognize all your efforts if you continue to perform acts of kindness such as sending them greeting cards in special events like Valentine’s Day. Let’s not count what we receive, but what we give. By giving, we’ll find ourselves happier and more satisfied knowing that we made people happy.

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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