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How to Deal with Difficult Tenants

People’s attitude varies, each with their own complexity that it would be an incredible bliss to have them in a place where they live alongside each other harmoniously. But let’s not daydream of ponies and rainbows in broad daylight, not all people are nice. They can be so difficult sometimes that you just want to prick them like a bubble so they disappear. As landlord, you have to understand that tenants are individuals who define and lead their lives differently, and there are boundaries you can’t cross.

However, while we respect them as human beings with rights and what not, there are also boundaries that THEY cannot cross. It’s not really that much of a shock if one these days, you hear one of your tenants go, “This is my life and I’m gonna live it the way I want” mode and compel you to ignore the hullabaloos they are causing here and there. It could go as far as they’d forcibly make their way through the argument even they are off the road. Just remember that while you are at their service, they just can’t bully you like that.

In case this happens, the first thing to do is to keep your cool. Try to solve it diplomatically and make a point. If the tenant doesn’t have brain damage, this will definitely work. But let’s say the tenant is mentally broken and it’s impossible to reason with him/her without getting pissed, then perhaps it’s about time you pull out the “Live by the rules or move the fudge out” card. This might sound a bit harsh but with rational grounds, it could be the best card you have. Also, don’t forget the contract that you have them signed prior to moving into your property.

There are many ways to deal with a difficult tenant, but the bottom line is to never let them bully you. Reason with them, demand for your rights, and when it comes down to it, pull out the contract.

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