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How to Manage a Commercial Property - Handover Procedures

Communication is an essential part of any transaction. Whether in business, in school, or at home, it is imperative to have things communicated properly in order to maintain a harmonious environment.

Commercial property management is crucial. In taking over this area, it is important to communicate with tenants as soon as possible. Maintenance is done everyday and repair happens virtually all the time. As a commercial property manager, you are an integral part of the company and tenants should understand your role and what you do. This job should not be taken lightly because it could also be that at first day of duty, you already have some glitch going on, and you already have to get the repair operation ready. And just so you won't juggle and miss anything especially when you're handling a commercial property that is of bigger size, be sure to check out your handover list. This is most applicable with industrial parks and shopping malls.

You have to take care of your tenants. In doing so, you have to orient them of the maintenance and repair communication procedures during standard business hours and after-hour events. The procedure might vary from company to company but normally, there are numbers to call in case of emergency repair, standard repair and for maintenance items. If available, give out a secondary contacts as well in case the first contact can't handle an additional job. Location of the management office should also be handed out, as well as maintenance-related forms and how they are to be faxed or sent to the management. Moreover, give them contact to emergency personnel such as ambulance, fire department, police etc.

As I've already said, these procedures can vary from company to company and can be amended accordingly. Property managers that maintain a high-level of professionality understands the importance of good communication between management and tenants, as well as orient them of the necessary repair and maintenance reporting procedures as mentioned above.

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