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Should You Get a Doorman?

There is no absolutely answer to the question above. People have different standards of living, different needs, different endeavors, different financial allocations and different definitions of life. Whether to get or doorman or not depends on your lifestyles.

There are advantages and disadvantages of course, but their bearing depends on how you look at them.

So let’s talk about the pros and cons of having a doorman. As to the advantage, doormen make your place a safer place to live in. It has been proven that a place with a doorman poses less crime rate. They also come in handy as they do simple tasks for you when you’re in a hurry or leave them tasks while you’re away. They know how to deal with packages coming for you, as well as ensure the identity of a people wanting to see you and not let them in unless their identity has been verified. Doormen are also a good source of information. They know everything about the building and every resident living in it. You won’t have to get alarmed by not knowing what kind of person the tenant next door to you is.

On the downside, having a doorman is an additional expense on top of being liable to give tips during holiday season. While people are willing to shed off some bucks for doormen, others aren’t. Also, doormen have their hands on your schedule. This would be very helpful especially if you’re a busy man, but it can’t be helped that others see this as an invasion of their privacy. Giving away your schedule to a third party feels downright weird. But setting aside personal feelings, it’s preferable to have doorman. You might lose a few dollars for having one but you could lose so much more if something happens that could otherwise be prevented if you had a doorman. It’s a little investment that will return so much.

I am not saying that having a doorman is generally best for everybody. I can only assure that having one will be greatly beneficial to you and your family. If you’re uncomfortable having a doorman because you feel like being stalked, you can replace human elements with devices such as alarms and CCTVs. They are not exactly as flexible but they can also do stuff that no doorman can do, such as focus their lens on a single area 24/7 or record incidents exactly as they happen. On the other hand, you can’t leave messages to CCTVS, neither can you instruct it or ask it to do some errands for you. While they can be evidences in case of all kinds of assaults, all it does is be still and catch everything that’s happening when something happens. Doormen can actually take action in case they spot something suspicious.

To make your place safer, be sure to have either a doorman or a CCTV system. These precautions might cause you money, but it’s better to shed off a few extra bucks every month or an ample amount of cash one time (for CCTV that is) than to become totally helpless in case your unit is spotted for the next assault.

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