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Things You Should be Asking Your Contractor

When you are hiring a contractor, there are several things that you should ask to make sure that you are hiring a good one.

Here are some things to ask a potential contractor:


You need to ask what kind of experience does a contractor have. A good contractor should have enough years of experience under his belt. An experienced contractor would have enough real life knowledge to be able to help you fix any problems you might have correctly since it starts. You may also ask for references to verify the contractor’s experience as well as getting feedback from his previous clients.

Registered where you live

Choose a contractor who is registered where you live. A good contractor should make an effort to make his service credible, and registration is a good way to tell about a contractor’s credibility.


Ask a potential contractor for a quote to gauge whether it will be a good fit with your project. A good contractor should know roughly what it would cost for flooring, drywall, paint, and any other work. By knowing the price estimate, you will have a benchmark to compare one contractor over another.

Written guarantee

Make sure a potential contractor can offer you a written guarantee. This will give you the needed peace in mind in regards to the work that the contractor will provide you.

Payment terms

You would want to avoid any contractors who require a large sum of down payment at the beginning of the contract. That may mean that the contractor needs money for his other project, and will use the down payment that you provide for that project. The usual down payment for contractor job is ten percent. It is also a good idea to hold on to the final portion of the payment until the end of the contract where you have made sure that you are satisfied with anything that the contractor has done in the project.

Asking those questions above will help you choose a good contractor for your building.

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