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What to Do with Boisterous Tenants

Not all people in the world are Hispanic and can tolerate earsplitting every day conversations. We want the neighborhood to be as harmonious as possible and it’s important to protect the tenants from other lessees who are making too much noise. A peaceful community means healthy business

However, promoting peace in a community can be a challenging job. Statistics show that 50 percent of all flat-owners’ complains are noise-related. Remember that in dealing with this kind of situation, you have to protect your rights and the rights of other tenants. If one lessee is at fault, don’t let him get the upper hand. Equally, don’t forget that the noisy tenant has rights too that cannot be crossed so you have to be extra careful.

Here are some things you can do in order to prevent raucous occupants. First is to state in the contract the hours that noises are allowable. This will ensure that they will know when to shut up, and failure to comply with this means eviction. Next, you can implement the “no wooden floors” policy, and have them use carpets instead. This would mean less noise when they walk around their flat.

In case your tenant is bringing noisy people on the flat, remind them of the terms and conditions that they have to follow which will subject them to eviction should they continue violating it. If you find this too much of a hassle and don’t want to deal with it yourself, you can avail of the services of a block management company. They will deal with lessee themselves both in letter and in-person negotiation in case they are being difficult. Don’t forget to keep track of when the noises happened though-- with details such as dates and time for this could stand as strong evidences in case the situation calls for court hearing.

Block management companies ensure that you deal with your tenants legally and that you will not be subject to lawsuit yourself.

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