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7 Critical Mistakes Rental Property Owners Make: How Many of Them Are You Making Right Now?

Dear Friend,

sfpm-CheckBox Are You Frustrated because your rental property is sitting VACANT for months,

            and your Property Manager doesn't know what to  do?

sfpm-CheckBox Are You Being Overcharged by Handymen, Plumbers, and AC Repairmen?

sfpm-CheckBox Sick and Tired of “Dealing with Tenants" who don't pay and tear up your property?

These three issues (to name just a few) usually plague rental property owners like yourself, on a regular basis.

After all, if you are like most real estate investors who live out of town, (maybe even in another state) you can’t just jump in your car and drive over to the property. You have to rely on your property manager or the tenant to act in good faith. And we both know this doesn’t always work out in your favor.


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Before we jump right into this Free Report, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is David Lowrey, and I am a real estate investor and owner of Stress Free Property Management here in Tampa Florida.

Over the last 12 years, I have managed over 1,873 houses, apartments and condos in the Tampa Bay area

Therefore, I have managed every type of rental from low income duplexes, to middle class single family homes, all the way up to ultra luxury executive mansions.  Which means, I have experienced just about every conceivable problem (in property management) you can throw at someone, and I’ve managed to successfully get the job done.  In fact, my first property management company made Inc Magazine’s “Inc 500 List” for the 500 fastest growing, privately owned companies in America, in 2004 and 2005.

After eight years, my business partner, Chris Mercer and I, sold that business to a national company.  We decided it was time to relax…but unfortunately, we got extremely bored.  (I did at least try golf -- even bought the clubs and shoes)  So, we started another company: Stress Free Property Management.

Here We Are A Little Over Three Years Later, Managing Over 322 Rental Properties In The Tampa Bay Area

And I am back doing what I love: managing rental properties.  Which I’m sure you would agree is quite an odd profession.  I think I’m a part of a dying breed of individuals that actually enjoys managing tenants.

Obviously these experiences as a real estate investor and property manager have taught me some extremely valuable lessons.  Most of them I will discuss with you in this free report.

So what do you say we dig into the Free Report now, and I will show you how to avoid as many of the 7 critical mistakes as possible.  I will also give you some unconventional solutions to each of them.

Costly Mistake # 1

Costly Mistake # 2

Costly Mistake # 3

Costly Mistake # 4

Costly Mistake # 5

Costly Mistake # 6

Costly Mistake # 7

Just to recap, any property owner that uses our management services receive the following:

  1. 67 point “Ready to Rent Checklist” - This will ensure the property is properly cleaned, painted, and all necessary repairs are completed PRIOR to putting the property on the market for rent. As I mentioned before, this is the number one reason why properties sit vacant for 3 to 7 months, instead of 30 days.
    ($764 Average Savings By Renting Your Home Faster)
  2. “11 Hour Straight Talk” – My trained leasing staff answers calls from prospective tenants from 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday-Friday. They even answer the majority of phone calls from 11:00am-7:00pm on the weekends.
    ($575 Average Savings By Getting A Qualified Tenant Out To See Your Home Quickly)
  3. 24/7 Zero Overhead Repair Service – 80% of repairs that may arise will be handled by 1 of our 4 well trained handyman at a fraction of the cost of hiring your typical repairmen out of the yellow pages or newspaper. When we need to hire a licensed electrician, plumber, or AC tech, we have already negotiated extremely low rates by finding the folks with no overhead, and giving them a ton of repeat business.
    ($875 Average Repair Savings, Annually on Each Property)
  4. “Instant Tenant Attraction” System – Developed after 12 years 2,138 + tenants. This advertising system generates 5 to 7 times the amount of tenant calls, compared to traditional rental signs and ads in the newspaper. Even better, you don’t pay an extra dime for all the extra advertising we perform to find you a good tenant.
    ($550 Average Savings By Getting A Quality Tenant Much Faster)
  5. No Unnecessary Fees – you DO NOT pay an advertising or set-up/processing fee. You don’t (in fact) pay us anything up front. We get paid only after we find you a good tenant and collect the first month’s rent from them. “Paid for Performance” is the way it should be.
    ($300-$800 Value Compared To Our Competitors)

These 5 different programs and guarantees are provided to all of our property management clients. You can’t find a SINGLE competitor offering this level of service or guarantee, anywhere in the Tampa Bay area.

If these are the kinds of control you want to have in place…if you want a property manager to take charge and get the job done, then the next step is to see if the properties you own are a fit for us. The most effective and efficient way we found is to fill out our Property Owner Inquiry Form.

Yes, David, I would like to stop all the headaches and negative cash flow. Let me complete your Property Owner Inquiry Form now. (Click Here)

Company Pic2

                             (Here is a picture of our company staff in 2017)

Okay, that about does it for this Free Report. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and learned some valuable insights about the most common mistakes property owners make.

Beset regards,

David Lowrey

David Lowrey
Owner of Stress Free Property Management
4501 E. Columbus Drive
Tampa, FL 33605

P.S. - Our Fees: I like to be upfront with them so you don’t have to guess or wonder.

  • 10% of the rent collected monthly, as a management fee. There is no management fee if vacant.
  • A leasing fee of 50% of the first month's rent, when we rent your property to a qualified new tenant.
  • That’s it. There are no set-up fees, cancellation fees, advertising fees, or any other hidden fees that are so often not mentioned, unless you read the fine print.
  • You also receive the benefits of our:
    • 67 point “Ready to Rent Checklist”
    • “11 Hour Straight Talk” Process
    • 24/7 Zero Overhead Repair Service
    • “Instant Tenant Attraction” System
Yes, David, I am looking for a property manager to end the headaches and negative cash flow. I would like to set up a time with you to discuss my property. (Click Here)
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