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Dear Property Owner,

Thank you for reaching out to Stress Free Property Management about property management.  A copy of our management agreement is below for you to download and review.  I don’t currently have your email address but I wanted you to have this information.

Please feel free to call me at 813-240-9195 (cell) or my office line at 813-386-5922 ext 1314  or just email me back.

Just to recap our management pricing:

  1. 8% of the rent collected each month as a management fee.  No fee if not rented
  2. 50% of first month’s rent as a leasing fee to find you a qualified tenant. 
  3. We collect these from the rent we collect from the qualified tenant
  4. You pay us nothing up front!

6 Immediate Actions We Take, Once We Start Working Together:

Take High Resolution Pictures of your Property - I will schedule a time for one of my staff to come out to your home, and take these pictures which we use in our marketing.  We normally have all of our marketing – the next 6 steps – (for your property) up and running within 24-48 hours of completing this step.

Complete a Market Survey to Determine the Proper Rent  Amount for your rental.  We’ll check the Multiple Listing Service, Newspapers, and various websites to find out what similar properties are renting for in your neighborhood.  Obviously, having a competitive rent will allow your property to rent much sooner and get your mortgage paid by the tenant instead of your savings account.

Your Rental is Listed on our Company Website at which ranks very high on Google and other search engines.  Our website consistently brings in hundreds of prospective tenants each month because of our strong online presence.

I also write a custom ad – with our best pictures -- describing all the unique amenities and benefits of your home.  Rather than just presenting the number of bedrooms and baths, square footage, and rent, I delve into more detail and offer meaningful benefits of why your home is a great place for their family.  It is much more conversational and generates twice the amount of calls over a traditional (boring) ad.

You can see a bunch of examples of this type of ad on our website, now, and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

Your home is listed in Multiple Listing Service for Real Estate Agents in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco counties.  The listing is written in much the same way as described above.  These agents are a very reliable source for bringing potential renters by your property.

Ads are placed on various classified websites that promote rentals to the public.  These ads are freshly posted every 3 days and generate 5 times more calls than your typical newspaper ad (Not to mention, it’s free to you).  I know this sounds unbelievable, but we have tested this over and over again with the same results.  Nowadays, tenants much prefer looking for rentals online than newspapers (you’ve heard of all the newspapers going broke, right?)

Every property we manage is quickly posted to at least 26 sites including:


...and more like, AOL Real Estate, Walmart, Walkscore, RentBits, FrontDoor, Oodle,, Campus Avenue, Rentenna, Geebo, Enormo, Yakaz, and LiveLovely

We place unique Rental Signs on your property.  Our signs provide extra information which triples the amount of people who call off them.  What do we put on them that generate that kind of response?  Well, you’ll have to wait and see when we put one in your yard, and you’ll smack your head and wonder why everyone doesn’t do this…it is that simple.

Management Agreement

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