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Our Guarantees

The Best Guarantees in the Industry

We believe so strongly in providing a superior experience that we offer six of the best guarantees in the business.

Happiness Guarantee

I like to say that about 1/2 of the business in any industry are not very good and your are going to want to fire them.  Right now, you don't know which side of that equation my company is found.  Therefore, we allow you to end your service agreement with us at any time, for any reason, with a 30 day written notice.  I want you happy and if something changes and you want to go a different direction, you shouldn't have to pay a termination fee.  Most property management companies charge $500-$1500 to break their agreements.  This is absurd!

Our conditions for the Happiness Guarantee

  • All outstanding invoices have been paid to vendors.
  • We ask that you give us a 30 day written notice so we are able to wrap up any outstanding service issues, invoices and have time to prepare your/tenants file. We want the cancellation process to go smoothly and also turn you over a happy renter with no outstanding issues.

Results Guarantee

The bottom line is we are compensated upon performance!
If we are leasing your property for you, we do not charge you a dime until we have found a qualified tenant who pays the security deposit and first month's rent.  If the property is sitting vacant there is no management fee. 

For our property managed clients, there are no set up fees, no admin fees, and no transfer fees. We are only paid after your tenant signs a lease and pays the rent.

12 Month Leasing Guarantee

We have a very thorough screening process in qualifying new tenants so this rarely comes up.  However, if a tenant that we select doesn't stay at least 12 months, we do not charge you a leasing fee to find you a new tenant.  

The conditions for our Leasing Guarantee:

  • We must have placed the tenants. This guarantee does not cover residents we’ve taken over or inherited.
  • It also doesn’t not cover any tenants who have lived up to their lease terms by paying appropriate break lease fees.  These lease break fees are paid 100% directly to you.  This situation arises when tenants typically buys a home or are suddenly transferred.  Normal lease break fees are the remaining balance on the lease or 2 month lease break penalty.  

Eviction Protection  

If a tenant needs to be evicted for NON payment of rent our attorney will handle the eviction for free and we will pay any filing fees, server fees, lock change fees up to $1,500.00.  

The conditions for our Eviction Protection Plan:

  • We must have put the tenants in the home. This guarantee does not cover tenants we’ve taken over or inherited.
  • The guarantee is only for evictions due to tenant no paying rent.
  • We must be the Property Management company for the entire time the tenant is in the property.
  • The Program does not cover damages or loss rent.
  • The Program does not cover the Owner for the Tenant’s Attorney fees, damages or penalties, or court ordered fines, .
  • Our Eviction Protection plan is not offered to everyone. It must be a part your Property Management Package and will be specifically selected.  

What Else Can We Do For Your Rental Property?

Full Service Property Management(In Progress)

You get a Team of Experts with a Single Point of Contact to make sure your property gets the attention it deserves.


Investor Solutions (In Progress)

Specially designed solutions for Investors, Multi-Family & Owners of multiple properties.


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