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Winter Is A Tough Rental Market In Florida...What do you do?


Written By David Lowrey, Stress Free Property Management

As an owner of a Wesley Chapel property management company, I've noticed a severe slow-down in available renters from November 1 through January 10th.  This certainly is no surprise to most property owners.  Tenants, just like homeowners, don't want to move during the Holidays.  Everyone is saving up for Christmas, families are coming into town, and a lot is going on.  But, if you have a property for rent, what do you do?

Now, I will describe some hopefully insightful ideas as a Wesley Chapel property manager in a moment but let me first emphasize the standard "blocking and tackling" in renting a home quickly.  One, answer the phones 7 days a week, especially evening and weekends.  I know it not the most fun thing to do, but it will make a huge impact during the slow season.

Two, process applications in 3 days or less.Get the background checks for credit and criminal ran on the first day.  Reach out to previous landlords and current job of tenant by the next day or sooner.  You'd be surprised how getting on top of the approval or denial of rental applications will dramatically reduce your vacancy.  Often landlords delay this process, and the good tenants are still looking, and often find something else.

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